Inter-chat respects your privacy!
Inter-chat agrees to respect and protect your privacy

In this sense, we play full transparency.

Manage your e-mail address

Your e-mail address is used only be the website and will not be disclosed to third parties (users or companies).

Once registered, you will receive e-mails from Inter-chat for several reasons: when you receive a new message, when one of your friends registers, or friendly reminders.

Each e-mail will come from the address we strongly suggest that you add it to your list of contacts to be sure it is not sent to your junk mail.

A link is included in every e-mail allowing you to stop receiving these messages in the future.

If you decide to unsubscribe from the site, you will no longer receive our e-mails.

Data stored and deleted during the cancellation of your account

Once unsubscribed, your profile and your photos will no longer be visible.

All your data will be guarded by security for 7 days and then be completely destroyed.

However, your messages from the public forums will be kept, as well as your connection logs according to the regulations.

Log details

When you visit a page we store the web address, the IP address, the time, date, and technical information of your browser.
This information will be kept for a statutory period of one year then permanently destroyed.

We will be able to use this data in the following cases:

- Establish anonymous statistics
Investigate a situation in which our general terms and conditions have been violated
- Provide evidence to the competent authorities in case of a legal requisition