The Inter-chat spirit
The spirit of Inter-chat

Much more than just a chat site online, Inter-chat is a state of mind. We let you discover a small part of this state of mind here :-)

User-friendliness and positive attitude.

It's the slogan of the site. Inter-chat isn't a one stand night store, much less a haunt for people whose motives seem questionable.
That is why the profiles are checked regularly, to keep only the best.
In this sense, certain behaviors are completely prohibited, such as mass requests of MSN address, bootie cam to cam and others.

Opening dialogue

The dialogue is a fundamental basis of the site. That is why many tools are turned towards the exchange of ideas, they can join or oppose.
Forums, chat, pop'it are there to make you understand, appreciate and out of the whole community to exchange, share and compare your ideas.

Protection of Minors

Because the internet is a jungle where predators can easily get tough, we are very careful to protect minors.

We have developed internally a number of monitoring tools to ensure maximum protection.

We are also labeled with ICRA to block prohibited content to minors automatically, thanks to parental filters installed on their computers.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to hide through the Internet. That's why we remind minors of site that the greatest suspicion is appropriate. Thus, we strongly discourage the exchange of MSN addresses or personal details.

Law compliance

The world is governed by rules, as well as the internet, Inter-chat and its members are no exception to these rules.
In this case, members must respect the laws of their country, French laws, and the European laws in general.
We stay true to these rules, and we do not tolerate any misconduct.


The information you enter on Inter-chat can be accessed by anyone visiting the site.
All the actions you do on the site are stored for 1 year statutory period required by French law.

You can delete your account at anytime.
In this case, it is kept for 7 days in base (for security reasons) but will be locked.
So nobody can see it.

In addition, you can choose to stop receiving e-mails from the site using the link at the bottom of each e-mail received. Sending e-mails will be stopped within 1 hour.

Code of conduct

Inter-chat is governed by some rules that every user must respect and abide by.
Amond these, the most important are:

-Respect others: each profile represents another individual who has the right to respect just like you. For this reason, you must demonstrate respect for each member and keep an open mind. You must not discriminate based on skin color, ethnicity, sexual preference, or lifestyle.

-Privacy: This is a public site, and therefore not an appropriate place to disclose personal information about yourself or others.

-Image rights: You are liable for the photographs that you publish on this website. Photos published of others without consent are prohibited.

-User-friendliness: In order to maintain a peaceful and friendly environment, you must present yourself in an appropriate manor. Please do not send mass requests of MSN addresses. It is forbidden to propose the use of "booty cams"

The Inter-chat team

is divided into three parts :

The administrators:
They are the ones who treat all reports of abuse.
They can alert users, check their identity when in doubt and in extreme cases, ban members whose behaviour does not match the spirit of the site.
They are neutral on the site and do not take sides. Only the evidence is important to them. That is why they are very discreet about the site and they do not participate in conversations.

The moderators:
They are the ones who ensure the welfare of the chat members.
They are always neutral in conflict but participate in the life of the site and the chat.They have all the powers on the chat with one aim only : that everyone has a good time.

The guides:
They are active users who are there to welcome, guide and answer questions from Inter-chat members.
Their qualifications? Available, patient and attentive.
They are here to have a good time, just like you :-)

Anti "drags" squad

Unfortunately, not all members on this site are as harmless at you are!
That is why a team of moderators are here to monitor, warn, and reprimand (even block) users who chose not to abide by the website rules.
This squad, informally called anti "drag" squad, acts as consistently and as quickly as possible (less than 48 hours.)

Because the numbers are worth a thousand words, here are the statistics for the last 24 hours:

Number of abuse reported by users: 219
Number of abuse reported by our moderators : 151
Warning sent : 112
People punished: 151
Blocked accounts: 17
Average time of action : about 3 hours