Conditions of site use
The present terms of use are the property of the site inter-chat. Any reproduction, even partial, are strictly forbidden.

The original version of this document has been written in French (FR). In cas of conflict between the translation of the document and the original version, its the original version that prevail.

Inter-chat is an online community website allowing the people to connect themselves. The watchword of the site are user friendliness and good spirit.

Each user of the website commit to respect the present terms of use.

1. Access and registration

The site is accessible to each person from France or any other country respecting the same laws.

The subscription to inter-chat, likewise it's access, is reserved to people aged of 13 (thirteen) years and beyond at the time of registration.
For minor persons, the previous agreement of their parents (or any other person practicing parental authority) is necessary.
Inter-chat reserve the right to ask for any written proof anytime and to proceed to any verification, as well as to delete any account which the owner wouldn't provide it immediately, or within the agreed period.

Any person registering to inter-chat must guarantee the veracity of the given datas. It commits to update the information if they happen to change during the subscription period.

The registered member have a identified account with an email address and a password.
This password is strictly confidential and it is forbidden to communicate to a third party.
The member is entirely responsible for it's account, nickname, password and email address as well as the use of those elements by a third party.

2. Members safety
The member agrees to act fairly with Inter-chat and its members and therefore agrees :- To not use Inter-chat for professional, commercial or any other reason which wouldn't be personal- To not disclose personal information, such as personal details or phone number etc. or those from anybody else- To not send mass messages- To not cause disorder, in any way, an appropriate operation of the service- To be polite, nice, honest and sincere- To publish photos which he / she has the rights, showing himself / herself, and which the partial or total nudity will be banned. The member agrees not to spread messages or information, no matter its form or nature :- Contrary to public order and good manners- abusive, discriminatory, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, revisionist or detracting to others honor or reputation- inciting discriminating, hatred of a person or group of persons in relation to their origin or their belonging or not belonging to their ethnic group, nation, human race or religion- threatening in any way a person or group of persons- pedophilic- incitement to commit an offense, a crime or an act of terrorism or which glorify war crimes or crimes against humanity - incitement to suicide- allowing third parties to acquire, directly or indirectly from pirated software, serial numbers for software, software for acts of piracy and intrusion into computer systems and telecommunications, viruses and other bombs and more generally any tool, software or any other that allows to infringe the rights of others and the safety of persons and property- in violation of the privacy of correspondence- contrary to the friendly image of Inter-chat whose effect is to provoke members and to stir up conflicts- based on fondles rumour about the website, their members or a third party- to divert the users to another website or serviceThe member agrees furthermore to respect the others rights and notably :- personality rights (such as image right, respect of privacy right)- trademark rights- copyright (notably on softwares, sounds, images, photos, videos, texts, animated images) - generally speaking, peoples and goods rights.The user agrees to respect the image and the reputation of Inter-chat, including their members, and will not engage in any statements and / or any actions detrimental to Inter-chat or their members.Inter-chat being not a dating website, members who decide to meet do so voluntarily, knowing the risks involved. It is reminded that the virtual aspect of the conversations that members may have on the website, the information provided by them can not be verified. Thus, it is strongly recommended in case of meeting, to tell someone close, to be accompanied and to encourage the meeting in a public place.Moreover, in order to protect its users, Inter-chat prohibits the publication through the website, all personal details such as name, mailing address, telephone or other.

3. PaymentsThe basic use of the website is free. This includes, among others, the creation of an account, the addition of a photo, the contribution to forums and the addition of messages to members.The section called "VIP" gives access to more options such as adding more photos, the possibility to manage the messages or the opportunity to create photo albums.The prices of this option may vary due to the chosen payment method (SMS, phone or credit card).The prices list can be found on the "VIP" page which is available in the website menu for identified users.Starting the first use of the "VIP" service, the legal period of withdrawal isn't applicable anymore.The payment system used on the website is managed by the company Allopass. Inter-chat has no power at all on that system.HI-MEDIA/ALLOPASS 6, Rue Saint Joseph 75002 Paris - France In case of problems with a payment, you can contact the Allopass company on their website :

4. Privacy policy
Inter-chat observe the law in effect regarding the protection of personal data and agrees to implement technical measures to protect users' information.However, it could not be held responsible for theft, by any means whatsoever, of such data.Inter-chat has been declared to the CNIL (a French independent administrative authority which means : National Commission for Computing and Liberty) under the number 848986.Pursuant to law No. 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, each user has the right to oppose (art. 26 of the Act), access (art. 34 to 38 of the Act) and rectification (article 36 of the Act) of data. Thus, it may require to be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted information that is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, outdated or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited.Moreover, all this information can be freely modified by the user in the section "Configure your account " in the menu of the website for users identified.Non-personal information may be collected for statistical purposes or computer protection such as browser, its version, the type of operating system and the IP address of the user. Connection information including pages visited and the IP addresses are retained for a period of one year as stated in the law.Information contained in users profile (nickname, age, gender, city, photographs etc...) can be broadcasted to those interested in Inter-chat, by any electronic means.The user acknowledges being aware that the information recorded on the website can be viewed by other users. Thus, it considers that the information published can not be private and can not consider that publication of that information may be harmful.

5. Intellectual propertyInter-chat is a registered trademark.This brand, the logos, photographs, animations, sounds, videos, scripts and texts composing the website are the property of Inter-chat or its associates and can't be reproduced without a clear approval of Inter-chat or its associates.The user grants to Inter-chat a license to use any content that its transferred in any manner whatsoever, and, especially, use, copy, publicly display, reformat,translate, excerpt (in whole or part) and distribute such content for any purpose whatsoever in relation to the website or its promotion.Moreover, the messages that will be let to other users and the messages posted in the forums will be kept on the website and accessible even after the termination of its account.

6. Working guaranteeInter-chat makes every effort to ensure that the consultation of the website can be done by the greatest number. Nevertheless, the customers computer platforms can be very different , the website is not guaranteed to be fully functional on all platforms. We encourage our users to use a computer with a Microsoft operating system Windows or Apple Mac OSX as well as Firefox for maximum compatibility.Inter-chat does not guarantee that the services meet the needs of the user, or they will be free from any interruption, delay, security incident or error. Moreover, Inter-chat does not guarantee the results to be obtained using the services nor the accuracy or reliability of the information acquired through it. Finally, Inter-chat does not guarantee that defected services will be corrected.In addition, the service can be interrupted at any time for technical reasons such as maintenance or software updates.

7. Termination and expulsionFor security reasons and quality of service, Inter-chat automatically disables any account whose owner has not logged on with a duration of 6 (six) months.A member may at any time delete their account via its management interface. The account will be kept in database, for security measure, for 7 (seven) days but no longer available. Thus the profile, photos, messages that were left, will be deleted from databases.Nevertheless, as required by law, all login information will be kept for a statutory period of one year.In addition, the public messages that will be left on the website will remain available, such as posts in the forums, the messages sent to other members or "pop'its".The termination of an account will under no circumstances refund the sums paid by the user.Inter-chat at any time may remove information from a user if the technical characteristics of information pose technical difficulties could disrupt the overall functioning of Inter-chat or if that information proves false or contrary to the spirit of the website.Moreover, in case of serious breach of the member, or repeated behavioral problems, Inter-chat may decide to terminate the member's account without notice or demand, in order to ensure the integrity of the website.In these cases, termination of the account does not lead to refund the sums paid.

8. Terms of use modificationInter-chat may, at any time revise these terms of use.The latest version online at of these terms and conditions supersedes all previous terms of use.The user may at any time, in case of changing operating conditions, terminate the account using its management interface (see "Configure your account" in the menu of the website once the member identified).In case the member subscribed to the "VIP" section, it could require the maintenance of the terms of use that were in effect during the subscription, until the original term of this subscription.

9. Contacts

If you are an identified member of the site :

- in case of a problem with the message of a member, you can use the link "Report an abuse" next to this message (icon : ).

- in case of a problem with a message of a forum, you can use the link "Report an abuse" next to this message (icon : ).

- in case of a problem with the account of a user, it's profile, it's photos, the Pop'it that he/she write or his/her behavior on the live chat, you can use the link "Report an abuse" at the bottom of it's profile.

If you're not a member of the website, you can use the link "Help centre" at the bottom of each page of the website.
For any questions not regarding the behavior of a member, you can use the link "Help Centre".

10. Who are we ?

Inter-chat is edited by : - Ltd. with capital of 7 000 euros
RCS LILLE - 512 366 378
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Head office : 21 avenue le Corbusier - 59042 LILLE - FRANCE